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Sue Emmett-2012-Zion in the White House?

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Church vs. State Issues in the Military, Congress and our Public Schools.

Is Mormonism lining up with the Fundamentalist and Dominionist intrusions occurring in these institutions?

Sue grew up in Portland, Oregon in a very devout, deeply involved Mormon family. Gr.Gr. Granddaughter of both Brigham Young and Erastus Snow, she was steeped in the special heritage her family shared which only added to the pressure she felt to be a perfect Mormon girl and woman.

Sue graduated from BYU with a degree in Psychology, but instead of building a counseling career, she married in the temple and became the mother of 7 children.

She served in every leadership and teaching position available to women, but the cognitive dissonance hanging over her head was like a permanent appendage.

After a 34-yr. marriage, Sue divorced. A year and half later, she made the difficult decision to leave the church cold turkey.

One Sunday she was teaching R.S., and by the time she left the building that day, she knew she was walking out permanently.

Shortly after that, a new friend introduced her to Exmormon.org, which was the only game in town at that point. It was like throwing a life ring to a drowning person!

Sue is president of The Exmormon Foundation, and Chair of this years' Conference.

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