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Tal Bachman-2005-The Case for Truth!

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Tal Bachman-2005-The Case for Truth!

Tal Bachman is an internationally recognized singer-songwriter from Canada. Raised strictly in the Mormon church, Tal spent two years in Argentina performing missionary work.

Later, after 2 years of deep research, he discovered the truth about the lies & fraud of Mormonism, Tal resigned his membership in the LDS Corporation.

He has great insights & has helped many during his journey. Thanks Tal! He is best known for his late 1999 hit, “She’s So High”, a pop rock tune from his self-titled 1999 album that led to a BMI award.

Commenting on contradictions in the church’s doctrines and problems with its history, he has since stated that “the only way Mormonism makes any kind of sense is when it is assumed to be a very man-made fraud.”

To read Tal’s comments over on The Mormon Curtain, there are 7 sections.

Here is section 1:


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