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The Launch of The EX-Mormon Live Show! Monday-11-23-2015 at 11PM!

Exmormonliveshow-10-14-2015-2-edited-11-22-2015On Monday, November 23, 2015, I will be officially kicking off the 1st ever, DAILY, EX-MORMON, WORLDWIDE, LIVE TALK SHOW! I can’t wait!

The show will be from 11PM-12 Midnight, Monday-Friday. I’ve been getting everything ready for the last few months or so & I’m almost ready to go & have just been perfecting the sound! There is a lot to talk about, that’s for sure, especially with the latest Mormon news, which I’ll cover in depth, daily.

Again, just like the 24/7/365 radio station I started back on July 20, 2015(that is doing GREAT! THANKS!), 4 months ago, this has been a dream of mine for years, to have my own talk show, since I was a little kid. Initially, I’ll start out doing a one hour show, hoping to expand it to 2-3 hours a night, based on the support, through listnership, donations & those that sign up for the archives. I will need your support everyone to do this.

My show will be available worldwide on Tunein radio. There is also a separate, free Android app(we’re still working on improving it!), just for EXMO Radio, FREE for everyone & I’ll add the Apple app later & hopefully Windows too. You will be able to listen to the show free every night on my own app. However, all mobile devices can download Tunein for free, to listen to the live show for free also, if you don’t have android.

Station on Tunein link.

The Tunein app is available on Android, iPhone, Windows, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, many of the new Smart TVs & also on Roku. You can also listen to it in all of those places as well. I’ll be EVERYWHERE(probably soon on your toaster & refrigerator..LOL!), worldwide! It won’t be hard to find me & the show if you want to listen.

The daily live show will ALWAYS be 100% free for everyone to listen to live(either on PC or any mobile device, through Tunein Radio, other apps & my app as mentioned above.), but if you miss the show or want a copy, the archives will cost only $7.95(26 cents a day) a month or $69.95(19 cents a day) a year to sign up. I will also offer some other options for 3 & 6 months. I will archive ALL audio of the live show by the next morning! I will also do special shows or interviews once in a while, that will be exclusively for archive members only, as a bonus & a big thanks for signing up & supporting me & my efforts.

The live stream will be broadcast at 32 kbps starting out, but the archives will always be at 128 kbps for download. I will gradually improve the live stream quality as time goes on & we gain more subscribers & support. I’ve already decided to increase it to 48 kbps by December 12 & hopefully 64 Kbps by January or February.

I’ve been building my home studio & buying the very best equipment I can afford at this time, to ensure the highest quality of audio, for your listening pleasure & ejoyment. I want everyone to be able to enjoy a crystal clear audio experience & I’ll do my best to make it happen for everyone, including the callers. I believe I’ve achieved that already & I will only continue to perfect that as time goes on & as I increase the quality of the stream.

One of the most exciting things about this new show, besides having a live audience, is that I will also be taking live calls on the air or accepting chat questions through Skype(“exmormonlive”) or Twitter(before,during or after the show, as “EXMORMON” or to “#EXMOLIVE”), for those that want to ask something, but don’t want to or can’t call in. It will be a totally interactive experience for all of you & I’m very excited. You never know who will call in or what they’ll have to say. It will be reality radio for sure, each & every night!

Also, there are no call screeners, so if you call in & I don’t answer, keep trying & I’ll try to get to as many people as I can..just let it ring. I will tell you when you’re “live on the air.” Please turn down your computer speakers, tv or radio or whatever you’re listening to me on when you go live. If you hear me on the phone with someone, then you know I won’t answer until I’m done with that caller.

The format of the show will be the following: I’ll start off the show with any recent news updates or current events from that day or recently that I haven’t yet covered & then I’ll comment on whatever is on my mind or I’ll follow up on something from the news that I just covered. Then for the last half hour, I’ll be taking calls from all of you & your comments or questions. As the show expands, I’ll update the format for everyone & will be able to have time to take more calls, have more guests, interviews, etc. I look forward to an expanded format in the very near future.

My ultimate goal, is to do a 3 hour, nightly show for you guys, Monday-Friday, for many years to come & that will of course take a lot of work, time, dedication & effort on my part, so I’ll leave that up to you guys to decide. I think it will be great, to have the FIRST, DAILY, WORLDWIDE, LIVE, EXMO radio show, that everyone can participate in, also giving those who need help or support, a place to turn to & the ability to call in, to share their stories, feelings, experiences, pain, etc. It will benefit everyone!(EXCEPT MORMON INC…LOL!)

I will welcome anyone to join me as an official guest, if you Email or tweet me & let me know beforehand, so I can plan on it or schedule it for when it’s convenient for both of us. I will also have my great EXMO friend, supporter & partner Demon of Kolob, joining me, from time to time, when he’s able, as my co-host, to discuss the current events, news, etc & help me take some calls. THANKS DEMON FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

If you’re ever in a court of love & would like to record & broadcast it live, to everyone on EX-Mormon Radio..just let me know & I’ll connect your call & let everyone hear it, as it’s happening. I KNOW the Hierarchy would love that..LOL! Can’t wait to do it!

The official number for the show(or anytime you want to call & leave a message or comments) is 435-363-9665 or 435-36EXMO5. Remember not to call until I’m at least 30 minutes into the show or when I say that I’m now accepting calls & not currently on a call. You’re also welcome to call that number just to leave a message, make a comment or share something that you want me to share live on the air or in another podcast. Just let me know when you call if the message is personal or one to be shared. I believe Skype has a 9-10 minute time limit for voice messages or something around there, from my tests.

If there is ever a time when I can’t do a live show that night, I’ll always try to record it earlier in the day & broadcast it from 11-12 like normal, unless I can get someone to fill in & do it live for me. Also, there may be times that I’m not at home & I’ll still broadcast a live show through Mixlr & I’ll let you know beforehand. On those nights, where I’m mobile, I won’t be able to take calls, but you could still tweet or Skype me comments & questions. I’ll give more details about this when the time comes.

I may also take a vacation from time to time & if I’m not able to do the show(I’ll still try to do the show, when I can, even while on vacation!), I’ll try very hard to get someone to replace me for the time I’m gone. Worst case scenario..I may have repeats on for a few days, but I will let you know when or if this is happening.

It’s good to see the Mormon radio station, “The Mormon Channel”, finally getting some much needed & deserved competition & the EXMO live show will increase listenership to the EXMO Radio station & really do some damage in exposing them regularly & keeping things current, that are in the news. We are already getting listeners from all over the world & it’s growing daily, weekly & monthly. The future looks very bright!

So thanks everyone in advance for all your support & I’ll see you live on the show, starting on Monday, November 23, 2015 at 11:00 P.M…can’t wait!!

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1 comment to The Launch of The EX-Mormon Live Show! Monday-11-23-2015 at 11PM!

  • Angie

    Hey Buddy…..you’re freaking hilarious! I know you’re not trying to be, but there’s just something so bloody enjoyable about you and Demon just going off on these endless rants about all the fucking bullshit that is going on in the corporation. It’s just so satisfying when you just come right out and say what everyone is thinking but can’t put into words in a million ways.

    You know what it’s like listening to you? You’re a great example of the quirky sense of humor that one had to develop to stay in the cult. You’re like the lifelong friend that we all grew up with in the BORING demanding org. ……like when you’d sneak out of Sunday school or sacrament meeting to go to the bathroom and you meet up with your friend in the hall and you take off outside into one of your family’s car. And you talk about whatever…..ANYTHING to avoid having to go back in! Hahaha!

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