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Tom Phillips-2nd Anointing Interview

Tom Phillips: My Second Anointing Experience-

There already exist sources of details of the second anointing and I probably will not add to that body of knowledge. However, I am posting this account to confirm the ordinance does actually take place currently, as I have received the ordinance, and how it is currently performed.

I state the names of the Apostle and Seventy involved as well as the date and actual temple so that the credibility cannot be questioned.

The day itself – what happened
Feelings afterwards
Asked to nominate others

For more info on each heading, go to: http://mormonthink.com/tomphillips.htm


Second Anointings Continue Through Today
Although it has been rumored by many members that the second anointing ordinances are still practiced, it has been mostly speculation and second-hand accounts. But now, a former stake president has come forward with his story and provides a first-hand account of his second anointing.

In 2012, former stake president Thomas Phillips went public and was a guest on the Mormon Stories podcasts by John Dehlin. He gave an account of the second anointing. performed by the highest leaders of the church for both Thomas and his wife. He also said that afterwards he was asked to recommend other couples for the ordinance but to keep it quiet and not to discuss that he and his wife had received their second anointing. Apparently the practice is more widespread than most members know as the ordinance is not limited to General Authorities as Brother Phillips was an Area Executive Secretary when he received his second anointing.

The Mormon Stories podcast featuring Thomas Phillips is very interesting and one of the best we’ve heard. It is over 4 hours but filled with very interesting information and not ‘anti-Mormon’ at all but reveals the struggle a faithful, high-ranking church leader has had and continues to have after learning about many problematic issues of church history and doctrinal beliefs.

Note: John Dehlin of Mormon Stories elected to not air the interview due to pressure from the Church, however Tom Phillips decided that he would make it available himself. This is the unedited 4+ hr version provided by Brother Phillips.

For all of Tom Phillips’ interviews, including the 2 he did with Tal Bachman on the Drew Marshall show & his 3 part podcast on “Infants on thrones”, where he discusses his lawsuit in the U.K., in depth, which was unfortunately dismissed!

Also, please visit my Tom Phillip’s page:


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