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Tom Phillips is a retired management consultant. He joined the Church as a convert in 1969 and served in most leadership positions including Bishop, Stake President and Area Executive Secretary. He also served as the Area Controller for the British Isles and Africa as well as the Financial Director for the Church’s U.K. corporate entities.

With 33 years of experience in Church leadership and teaching, he is well versed in church doctrine and policy. He has also been personally acquainted with many Apostles and Seventies of the Church.

Tom Phillips was a stake president in England. He also received the second anointing ordinance. The audio below is his 4 hour, unedited podcast with John Dehlin of Mormon Stories, who was too much of a coward to release the podcast after recording it. I’m sure his buddy Jeffrey Holland threatened his precious membership if he did. So Tom Phillips released the podcast & did what John was too afraid to do. These facts alone prove that his story is true, for any doubters there might be.

With 33 years of experience in Church leadership and teaching, he is well versed in church doctrine and policy. He has also been personally acquainted with many Apostles and Seventies of the Church.

Please visit http://mormonthink.com/tomphillips.htm for the complete Tom Phillips page & more information on this great man. I used this source for the Biography listed above & the links to the audio, PDFs, etc. It also details the letter exchange that Tom Phillips had with John Dehlin’s BFF Jeffrey R. Holland. It’s pretty nauseating to be honest!

Also, in the interview below, that Tom Phillips did along with Tal Bachman, on the Drew Marshall show, he doesn’t hold back on what he thinks of John Dehlin & I couldn’t disagree with a word he said. He also thinks he’s a phony, a coward & is very disappointed in him to say the least. You’ll love hearing that part of the interview as I did..it was GREAT!

Tom Phillips speaks his mind & I really admire this man for that fact alone..he doesn’t hold back!


Transcript of Podcast/Interview with Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips – My Second Anointing Experience

Download these and read before listening to the above 2nd anointing podcast.  They’ll give you some good background to the subject matter of the interview.

Tom Phillips Letter to Elder Holland

 Elder Holland’s Reply Letter to Tom Phillips

 Info & Background on the Second Endowment



Here is a link to my personal defense of Tom Phillips, which was directed TO THE CRITICS OF Tom Phillips! You can also listen above or download it directly.


Tom Phillips & Tal Bachman radio interview on the Drew Marshall Show-(A GREAT interview..a MUST listen!! This is from November 3rd, 2012..not the current one)**Update-Despite the headline above their audio clearly stating, in BOLD TYPE..”GO AHEAD – STEALING IS ALLOWED”..they will not allow me to simply link directly to this audio. I will Email them for permission. But in the meantime, here is a direct link to the page, on their website, with the audio of this interview: http://drewmarshall.ca/listen2012.html#121103


February 8, 2014 Tom Phillips & Tal Bachman interview:


Here is a direct link to the page: http://drewmarshall.ca/listen2014-html#140208


A big THANKS to Tom Phillips & Mormon Think for the below descriptions of his latest, GREAT 3 part podcast(there could still be more coming) with Infants on Thrones:

Blog: Voluntary tithing and mis-informed consent – 2/20/14

Tom Phillips Infants on Thrones podcast – PART 1 – 2/19/14


Podcast Page-Part 1

Tom Phillips joins Scott, Matt, Bob and Glenn to discuss the recent summons against Thomas S. Monson and the LDS Church.

Part one explores:
Why the “October Surprise” became the “January Surprise”
Why these allegations are for criminal fraud against a corporation – and why this is not an attack on religion
The process Tom went through with the courts to issue this summons
How Steven Bloor and Christopher Ralph became involved in this case
What Response Tom has heard from the Church so far
Why the church in this case is rightfully being looked at as a corporation
The significance of Tithing in this fraud case
Transcript of Interview Link – Part 1

Tom Phillips Infants on Thrones podcast – PART 2 – 2/20/14


Podcast Page-Part 2

Part two explores:
The criteria Tom Phillips used to select his seven charges against the church
How the UK has jurisdiction over a US citizen
What could happen if Monson is found guilty
Whether or not this case could simply be thrown out
The unique way the British government pays a portion of tithing money directly to the church on behalf of its citizen.
How Tom’s experience with the 2nd anointing could play in to all of this
Transcript of Interview Link – Part 2

Tom Phillips Infants on Thrones podcast – PART 3 – 2/26/14


Podcast Page-Part 3

Part three is a wrap-up with Tom & this great podcast & then a bunch of panel discussion.

Thanks guys for the GREAT interview with Tom Phillips..please everyone, visit Infants on Thrones for more great podcasts & show your support!!


VIDEOS specifically discussing the Second Anointing in 2 parts-7 minutes and 14 minutes long.

Second Anointing Exposed Part 1 of 2 – Mormonism Exposed


Second Anointing Exposed Part 2 of 2 – Mormonism Exposed

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