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Wade Wilson/Raptor Jesus-2012-Post Traumatic Mission Disorder

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Post Traumatic Mission Disorder: How to Keep Your 'Two Best Years' from Ruining the Rest of Your Life:

Wade grew up in the church in Utah, and his family came from multi-generational pioneer stock. Although church was devastatingly boring, he remained faithful and served a mission so as not to be labeled unworthy.

After receiving his endowments in a temple session that was both horrifying and disappointing to him, he was deployed to Germany as part of gods army. Wade developed a serious illness while on his mission, and eventually had to come home early because of it.

He was left with a lingering guilt that he hadn't had sufficient faith to be healed. Although honorably discharged from service, Wade found it difficult to be considered equal amongst his brethren who had served full missions.

However, this didn't deter Wade from trying his best to endure to the end. And endure he did, while he spent another year trying to find out what was causing his debilitating physical symptoms.

He ended up with an active case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from all he'd gone through, starting with the MTC experience on through to coming home.

Wade will tell you how the rest of the story played out after he spent some serious time on the internet!

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