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I thought it was finally time that someone created a website that would link to ALL the good EX-Mormon podcasts out there in one place. I will be creating as many new podcast episodes as time will allow me but also linking to all of my older podcasts & the podcasts of other EX-Mormons that I find to be of good quality. I also have 15 podcast episodes that have never been released to the general public(many recently recorded), that I’ll be posting here soon. I have over 100 podcast episodes spread out in many places & now they’ll all be right here, in one place. Many have requested this & it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while.

I will do interviews as well as continue making podcasts with my good friend Demon of Kolob & EX-Mormon YouTube legend Paul Maughan will join us as often as he can. Youtube tries hard to shut us EXMOS down, but they will NEVER shut Paul down or stop him from EXPOSING THE MORMON TRUTH to the world! He is relentless & I admire his strength & determination!

Outside of my own podcasts, I highly recommend & have personally sponsored “The Church Is NOT True Podcast“(blog with the original descriptions) since 2007 & I’ve included it here in EX-Mormon Radio as well, for your enlightenment, education, entertainment & listening pleasure. I will always sponsor this great podcast & make it available to all. This is the TRUE, ORIGINAL, EX-Mormon podcast that was run by Mike Norton & Hyrum.

It was what first helped me to deal with all of my pain of discovering that Mormonism was a fraud & all lies & helped me to laugh & live again. This podcast also inspired me & many others to begin podcasting & without Mike & Hyrum, the original & first EXMO podcasters, the EXMO podcast scene would’ve looked a lot different. They set the standard that all others have followed. Thanks guys for helping & inspiring so many & I know that Mike is grateful that I’m hosting it(he just found out a while back & personally thanked me!)..NO PROBLEM Mike..it’s my pleasure & the least I could do as a thanks for all that you’ve done for me & so many others. Keep up the great work!!

I’ll also post links to other EX-MORMON podcasts(if anyone out there has audio or a podcast they want included, please Email me.) so you don’t have to hunt around for them & they’ll be easy to find right here, in one spot. I’m also going to include a Dedicated interviews page for various EX-Mormons who have been interviewed in the press. I’ve also included links to all of the EX-Mormon conferences from 2005-2012(I’ll add 2013 as soon as it’s posted), as well as a dedicated page, where you can either stream or download the audio from any of the conferences right here in EX-Mormon Radio!

I just thought it’d be good to have a one stop place for downloading or listening to EX-Mormon podcasts, so once again, WELCOME TO EX-MORMON RADIO..ONE STOP LISTENING FOR ALL YOUR EX-MORMON PODCASTING NEEDS!!

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WELCOME TO EX-MORMON RADIO..ONE STOP LISTENING!!, 9.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings


  • Aaron

    Love the rants! I’ve missed your podcasts Samuel, I’m a long time listener. When I was journeying out of the church your podcasts kept me sane.

    Any chance we can hear your story? I think I’ve listened to all your stuff but have never fully heard your story.

    Thanks for all the content! And please keep up the rants!


  • Thanks Aaron, I really appreciate your kind words & I’m glad you love the podcasts & rants. I’m just glad I could help you & I know how you feel. When I left the cult, there were many that helped me, so I’m just glad I can help others in return.

    As far as hearing my personal story, YES, you will hear it at some point this year. It’s actually something that I’ve been wanting to do for many years & talked about a few times here & there. I once even wrote an entire outline of what I’d discuss, in what order, etc. I was asked to go on several other podcasts to tell my story but I always declined, because I had no need to go on another podcast to do it & I wanted it to be my style in my way. I didn’t want to have to worry about language, length, interruptions, etc.

    So YES, I will do it this year & thanks for being interested in it & asking! I hadn’t thought about it for a while & it’s definitely something that I really need to do for everyone, especially for myself. I know it will be difficult & emotional & so maybe that’s why I’ve delayed it for so long. Sometimes reliving the pain of the past, from the start to now is difficult but it can also lift the weight off our chest.

    Thanks Aaron, I hope you keep listening & loving the podcasts. I just put 3 more rants out today as a matter of fact..2 from me & 1 from Demon of Kolob. I’m also gonna re-launch my MORMONISM EXPOSED Podcast, which probably has bout 25 or so episodes now. I’ve released some of the recent one, just individually, but I’ll soon release them all.

    Take care & please leave some more comments when you get a chance.

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